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Trudging over shifting sandy ridges
love sliding through such abundance
offers up many glimpses
of nestled, sprawling witch's broom
forging views without wind
as I pass through this Birch mirage.

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Houdek Birch Mirage - masked painting from Brenda J. Clark Gallery

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Houdek Birch Mirage—masked
Acrylic on arches paper
60" x 41"
$9,500 framed

Houdek Dunes Natural Area is located approximately 3.5 miles north of Leland on M22. It abounds with Birch trees on display with witch's broom.

Houdek Mirage painting framed from Brenda J. Clark Gallery

This painting on arches paper has been floated in old barn wood brought back from the artist's home town of Green City, Missouri. It is free of glass.

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