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Commission an Elevated Woodblock Series

Last summer we began presenting some of Brenda's unframed paintings in an elevated fashion, so that they would extend out from the wall. We used this new presentation for both canvas and woodblocks.

This concept is not new to the fine art world. By design, it makes a painting appear as if it is floating slightly away from a wall. When the elevated approach is used, no framing is required. Once mounted on a wall, the elevation creates a drop-shadow outline around the painting, with the shadow's size and intensity changing to reflect how light strikes a particular space during the course of a day.

The elevated presentation for Brenda's Expressionistic painting style offers a unique accent for her bold strokes, bright colors, textures, layering and undertones. And an elevated Brenda J. Clark original seems to work well in contemporary spaces that feature non-traditional walls.

Brenda is currently working on a commission consisting of three elevated woodblocks. Each panel is 19" wide x 38" in height. These three woodblocks will hang as a series on a 12-foot wide wall consisting of miniature ceramic tiles set above cabinetry with a granite top. The decision to elevate the paintings was made to accommodate the highly textured wall and offer a multi-dimensional, sculptured look. Distinct from one of Brenda's canvas paintings, her woodblocks take on extra dimension and depth because the paint is not so readily absorbed by the wood and creates a wet-into-wet effect.

If you are considering new paintings for your home or office, and would like to explore a commission on elevated woodblock or canvas, please send me an email to We will be happy to send photos of completed elevated woodblocks. Should you wish to speak with me by phone, we can be reached at 231-342-9359.






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