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Criteria for your commission
Your site-specific painting will be an original hand-painted piece of art. It will be unique—one-of-a-kind; therefore, it cannot be an exact duplicate of a previous Brenda J. Clark painting. Every artistic effort will be made to assure that the painting you commission will be a successful work of fine art.

Please complete the following form. Your thoughts will enable Brenda to better understand the painting that you envision.

Describe the image of the painting you envision, including the names of paintings that you have seen on our website or in the gallery.


Colors. Describe the colors and tones that you want in your painting.
Overall dominant color/s

Secondary/accent color/s


Painting subject matter, location, and scene. What is the name of the road, location of scene, time of day, season? If there is another painting in the gallery or on the website that you like and want the same scene painted, please indicate the title of it.


Painting size, prior to framing (inches)
Width        Height  

Painting size with frame (inches)
Width        Height  

Format    Vertical      Horizontal

Medium    Arches paper, 300 lb.      Canvas      Wood


Awaiting Fishtown
Acrylic on canvas
12" x 8"

Commissioned by
Mary Ellen Marik
Lima, Ohio






zip/postal code

daytime phone

evening phone


additional thoughts



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