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Miller Hill View Narrows—masked painting from Brenda J. Clark Gallery

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Miller Hill View Narrows—masked
Acrylic on arches paper
23" x 30 1/2"
$2,000 + tax

Driving through a morning thunderstorm, I wondered out loud to my intern "what kind of a painting day it might be..."

Upon arriving at Miller Hill, the rains stopped and left a very moody view of Big and Little Glen Lake, the narrows area, Fisher Lake and Alligator Hill. The land mass encompassing Glen Arbor to Sleeping Bear Point and Lake Michigan hovered to my right in a second painting, Miller Hill View Pyramid Point—masked. After a couple of hours of painting, the sky opened up to full sunshine and the day became hot and heavy.

Full sunshine with extreme heat pounded upon this massive view. Within the shifting weather, I decided to mask into the two paintings and symbolize the drama of a stormy Leelanau summer day.

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