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LYC Moody Morning Sail painting from Brenda J. Clark Gallery

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LYC Moody Morning Sail
Acrylic on arches paper
20" x 23"
$2200 plus tax

Raced out to paint. Overcast and moody. Wondered if they would sail. They did and I did paint! Different day presents a different temperament. Strokes are wet-into-wet because there was no bright sun to dry the paint immediately. Sky was moving and presenting its own mood. Our glowing daughter, Flora June, biked by after sailing class as I continued to paint to tell me in "full excitement" that she and friend Maeve had taken the sailboat out alone --- minus an instructor for the first time! No idea which one of those boats is her sailing in my painting, but, it must have some sparkle because she was so excited to share her news! I was zapped of energy after a long painting session, but thrilled to have captured a very important day!

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