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Leelanau Light, by Faan Yeen Sidor

I love Leelanau. The rolling hills, clear lakes and cool forests fill my spirit and calm my mind.

Similar to the south of France where the meeting waters of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean create a light that inspired the original Impressionists, Leelanau's light creates colors in the landscape and certainly in the sunsets that are also inspirational.

Brenda J. Clark's paintings capture these feelings and speak to the heart of the experience of Leelanau. This is what attracted me to Brenda's paintings, in particular "Iris Talking to Poppies."

The creative process itself and what appeals to us artistically is an expression, or psychologists would say, a projection of our own needs and desires. By examining a person's reaction to a particular work of art or visual design, psychologists can uncover unconscious wishes, conflicts, feelings etc. What one likes or dislikes in a painting reflects their internal experience.

Art can be evocative, causing a strong emotional reaction or a sense of calm. When I was decorating my office I wanted to choose artwork that contributed to a soothing atmosphere. In addition, I wanted the painting to be something that I would enjoy and one which had meaning to me. I chose a Brenda J. Clark painting in part because of the connection to Leelanau but also because her style and use of color greatly appealed to me. On a deeper level "Iris Talking to Poppies" represented to me connectedness both in nature as well as between people. It felt at home in a room that is primarily used for "talk therapy."

In the end, however, we choose and live with art that we enjoy, whatever the reason; the colors are pretty, it reminds us of a great vacation, or it goes well in our living room.

As Freud once said, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."


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Faan Yeen Sidor

Faan Yeen Sidor, Psy.D

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