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Palette Card Collages

"The cards are collages made from my palette... which is my fancy paper plate. I can't seem to throw the masses of color away and have used them over the years for my personal cards, but have decided to put them out there for whomever they may intrigue as a purchase option. The collages are layered onto folded arches paper (like I paint on) with a vintage style, white envelop and signed. I collage whatever my mindset envisions, mostly landscapes and flowers."

Custom orders are welcome... imagery can be specified. They make great gifts. Or, serve as a special, double-special mini painting/card! Unique and framable.

$20 each

To purchase your palette card, please send an email to, or call the gallery at 231.492.2196.


If you have a question, please send an email to, or call/text the gallery at 231-492-2196.





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