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New paintings—Spring 2008

Color and mark making distinguish Brenda J. Clark as an Expressionist painter. In new paintings now appearing on the website, Brenda shows you the diversity of her palette and mark making.

She describes her relationship with color and mark making this way: "Color moves me to intuitively create the intensity of a particular moment. My paintings wear my brushstrokes, and each mark conveys as much as it can about the moment."

If you would like more information on a particular painting—the location, year painted, the time of year it was rendered, or the artist's reflections about painting it, please contact us.

For paintings marked "framed"—we would also be happy to send you a digital photo of the full presentation. Please send us an email.

DH Day and the Dune Climb
Kissing Manitous in August, two-part
Down the Road to St. Wenceslaus
St. Wenceslaus in August
Jelinek Twilight
Jelinek Twilight Miniature
Gauthier Road—masked
Charming Jelinek
Charming Jelinek, two-part
Farm Road—masked
Looking Down on the LaCross Farm
Windy Farm—masked, two-part
Missouri Homestead II
Looking Down on Green City, two-part
Three Bridges in St. Louis
Panning Aghosa, three-part
Houdek Birch Mirage—masked
April Birch
DH Day in July
Fishtown in August
Pyramid Point from Glen Haven
Sleeping Bear from Glen Haven
Moody Sleeping Bear Point
Spooner's Poppies & Iris
Kissing Manitous with Queen Anne's Lace
Maritime Museum from the Beach




Moody Sleeping Bear Point
Acrylic on arches paper
30" x 11"

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